Roses and Dreams story ...from Bows to bouquets

As a Fashion designer for many years, I have always loved to create unique pieces using different colors, materials and textures.
Due to a life changing event and after 12 years living in Los Angeles, I decided to move to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 1998 and found myself involved in running a French Cafe.
While I was working to the best of my ability, I felt like a fish out of water! Creativity was missing in my life and I was dreaming of a new venture in an artistic field where I could use my skills and my passion to create and produce. So, I started making pew bows using a variety of Silk flowers, beads and ribbons!
I was working very hard and enjoying the success of my little venture but I could see the need for high quality and affordable Silk flower bouquet arrangements in the Wedding Market.
With many long days of research and training, "Roses and Dreams" was officially launched in 2002.
I began working 16 hours a day from home. I quickly expanded an inventory of products presenting our full wedding collection online. Lastly, I moved to a larger space and now employ 2 wonderful collaborators and turned this business into a success story.
After 18 years I still feel blessed being able to turn my passion for weddings and flowers into a solid career and a beautiful contentment in life.
By the way, I still work 16 hours a day :)

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